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SCIE572 - The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science

  • Grades 9-12
  • Syllabus (pdf)
  • $345, 45 instruction hours


    • 60 SC Renewal Credits
    • 4 GA PLUs
    • 4.5 NC CEUs
    • or 3 hours of graduate credit for addt'l fee beginning at only $60/hr, a total of just $525! ($345 course + $180 grad credits)
students examining crops Description:

This course helps to provide a background for understanding and discussing the natural functioning of the different Earth systems: geophysical systems, the atmosphere, the oceans, and natural ecosystems. Examine the unique characteristics that make our planet habitable and investigate the effects of human actions on different natural systems: land use, air and water pollution, biodiversity decline, and the extraction of resources.

What can be predicted, given current trends, if humans act in concert to mitigate their impact on the planetary system? Use inquiry-based learning techniques to determine which multimedia resources—Annenberg Learner videos, interactive labs, and more—will best engage your students and hone their skills as scientific thinkers.

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